Priority status

When .au direct launches on 24 March 2022, registrants of eligible .au domain names have until 20 September 2022 to apply for the exact match of their names in .au direct via the Priority Implementation process. You can learn about the Priority Implementation process here.

Use this tool to:

  1. Check the Priority Category of a domain name. Priority Category has the meaning given to it in the .auDA Priority Rules.
  2. See matching domain names in other .au namespaces and their Priority Category.

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Terms of use

.au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) has developed the Priority Tool (Tool) to help you check the status of domain names in the .au namespace application process.

By using the Tool you agree to be bound by these terms and auDA website terms. We may restrict or remove your access to the Tool if you do not comply with the terms.

The Tool searches domain names in the Registry at the point in time at which you conduct the search. The Registry is a dynamic data set and results may be different if you search at another time. The results are based on the information you enter.

The Tool does not check or confirm eligibility for a domain name, nor does it guarantee that a .au direct domain name will be granted to an applicant. The .auDA Licensing Rules apply to determine eligibility criteria for all domain names and the .auDA Priority Rules apply to govern the priority of applications for .au direct domain names.

The Tool and the results (Results) obtained from it are for information purposes only in connection with checking the status of domain names as part of the .au namespace application process. The Tool must not be used for any other purpose. You must not use the Results for commercial or financial gain.

The Tool does not include the identity of the licence holder of a domain name, you can use WHOIS to find this information. If the Tool does not return a result for the domain name you searched this means that the relevant domain name is not currently subject to a Priority Hold. Domain names that are not recorded in the Registry Data at the Commencement Date will be available for .au direct registration from 24 March 2022.

Words with capital letters in this Tool and on the results pages have the meaning given to them in the .auDA Priority Rules.

If you cannot find what you want using the Tool go to to find out more about how .au direct applies to you or your circumstances.